How does your website rank online for key terms that are critical for your business success?
When you do a search for your product/service in your local city how do you rank? What about surrounding cities? Are you capturing opportunities outside your immediate area or is Google “geo-locking” you into your local market? One of the secrets to making your business grow is to conquest opportunities outside your immediate geo and capture additional business/your competitor’s business!

If your business is not indexing on Google like this example, it is time for you to start competing again!

We hired Online Empire Builder to help us gain an advantage not only in our immediate market but also in neighboring markets. We now have over 50 listings on page one of Google and 30 number one rankings for extremely desirable and relevant key terms. It is hard to do a search for a BMW anywhere in the bay area and not find our dealership at the top of the search. We love and recommend Online Empire Builder to anyone!
-Jason, GM, BMW of San Francisco