My name is Snell,  I have over 7 years of Experience in Website Design, SEO and PPC structure.  I have specialized only in Google. Not Facebook or Social Media.  I only work where there are proven shoppers for your products and we can show you an ROI.  I have extensive experience in the Dental Industry, Automotive Industries with Dealerships in the US and Canada.  I work with all types of businesses as our Algorithms work in every Niche.  We have very successful clients in some of the most competitive Niches.

My background before Internet Marketing was in the Stock Market as a High Volume trader.  I Designed and Implemented Automated Trading Algorithms for 15 years.  Built Software, and Trained traders how to trade.

I enjoy working with businesses, watching them grow and I love the competition that is Online. Being responsible for my clients Digital needs is something that I do not take lightly and Pride myself in being the very best at what I do. This requires endless hours of Researching, Programming and finding solutions to help my customers Rank at the top of Google!

1. Google Smart Search SEO
2. Google Place Build Out & Optimization
3. Regular Key Word Ranking Reports Showing Organic Ranking
4. Website SEO Analysis & Content Review
5. Pay Per Click Build Out & Management at No Additional Charge (Client sets Google Ad Budget)


1. Get hundreds of top rankings on Google Page One!
2. Get top placement in Google Places listings on page one!
3. Get significantly more traffic to their websites
4. See up to 100% increase in leads and business
5. Get found on Google – in many cases for the first time