PPC is an absolute MUST in today’s Search Climate, With the Cell Phone now doing upwards of 80-90% of the search volume you MUST adjust your business to Dominate this technology. Look at this search taken on an I phone. You will notice only 3 or 4 listings pop up. Not 20 like a lap top. How are your going to Compete if you are not one of those top listings? You are getting Crushed by your competitors if you are not there!
Ask yourself a very simple question. How often do you scroll down a few times after a search? Or go to Page 2? Probably never right? Well… your customers do the same thing! Be there for them and get the Business! We will do this for you in as little as 5 days! Get competitive right now! You have everything to gain… and Nothing to loose… except Customers.
Critical PPC
  • Search Term

    Urgent Care Draper

  • #1 listing

    Client has the #1 listing and it is 1/2 of the page! Who do you think gets the click? He does. His business survives on PPC, you can see why.

If your stats don’t look like this, you are getting smoked!
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