Screenshots from Last 30 Days!

These screenshots are all from the last 30 Days! Notice all of the Impressions or Views in all of these different accounts.
It is outstanding volume. Less than .05% of the businesses are using ad words correctly. Our clients ARE using it Correctly!
If you are not… Please call now and start getting HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of Views per month. You have everything to gain by starting now!
  • Cosmetic Dentist

    A Record 9 Months of profit in a row after 25 Years in Business!
    379,000 Views per Month!
    1136 Clicks! Avg cost 2.61!
    Would your business be doing better with these stats?

  • Cadillac Dealership

    360,000 Views Per Month!
    1600 Clicks! Avg cost 1.16.!
    This is how you dominate Search

  • Law Firm

    150,000 Views Per Month!
    1600 Clicks! Avg Cost 4.00!
    This is 50% below the market average!

  • Ford Dealership

    153,000 Views in 30 Days!
    785 Clicks! Avg cost 2.75!
    Well below market average!

  • Car Accessories Dealer

    248,000 Views in 30 Days!
    2200 Clicks! Avg Cost 1.20!


Competitive Ads

Do you have a competitor outspending you and outranking you on Google? Are they taking your business?
We have a campaign you can launch that uses their name as a keyword and creates and ad that comes over the top of their listing on Google. You can essentially steal their customers! Our customers use this technology to their advantage every single day. It is the Highest return on a click that there is.

If you can take a customer that is searching for your services or products but looking for another business, that is free money to you!

  • This month alone our customers have had 71,323 Impressions and 696 Clicks that they conquested from their competition!
  • Imagine what that could do to your business. Get setup now. It takes 5 days to start competing.
Real Live Stats

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Real Live Stats